Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 14 - Anger and Frustrated when Hypoglycemic

It is quite common for diabetics to experience themselves as frustrated while they go through periods of hypogylycemia. I've experienced this myself many times. I would feel a low coming on or feel low in that moment and have to take myself away from what it was that I was doing in that moment to concentrate my efforts to go get something to eat, so in that one moment I would storm out of my room or move with haste to go get something to eat, and if anyone or anything got in my way and delayed me from getting something to eat I would blow up at them and experience myself as completely angry and frustrated at that person or thing for delaying me, for even a second, from getting the substance that I needed in that moment. In addition to walking/moving with haste there is another point of confusion and disorientation and the only thing that one wants to focus on when low is getting to that food, and one cannot effectively concentrate on much more then that, so if someone were to take me off track from focusing my efforts to go get food I would, again, blow up at them, because I was focused on that one sole point of getting food, and when someone would take my concentration away from getting food I would, again, blow up at them with frustration and anger for distracting me.

One thing to mention about frustration and anger in relation to being hypoglycemic is that in order for self to get angry and frustrated the anger and frustration would already have to exist in the first place. And as I take a look at it now I see that I never blew up at people who I did not know, mainly it was family members, people in my life whom I have allowed small reactions of frustration and anger to build up over the time that I interacted with them, so this is a cool point to see who/what/where self has developed and built up reactions to people because it certainly is hard to control those reactions when your low, it just comes out and bursts from within.

In the first paragraph I mentioned the need to remove self from whatever self is doing within a moment to go and get something to eat. Now this is where I see the frustration/irritation/anger residing from. As I take a look at myself when I would go low and need to take myself away from watching a movie or take myself away from doing a responsibility or take myself away from working, that initial point of needing to remove myself from an experience was the starting point of the frustration and anger and irritation. There was always a reaction within myself of not simply being able to sit down and watch something and enjoy it without being taken away from the experience or being taken away from the job/task that I was doing. So from being low and not being able to concentrate on the movie or being able to maintain myself working or doing the task that I was doing or the activity that I was doing I would immediately become frustrated, not in complete awareness, but the point was there for sure. It was only when someone would talk to me whom I've had a built up anger and frustration towards that I would explode and burst towards the person or thing that would get in my way.

If this were to continue without being directed then the frustration and anger would build up in regards to diabetes and then self would continue to remain in frustration and anger to the point where self may wake up frustrated and irritated and not know exactly why. As well, it would then define the relationship towards self and diabetes, where, anything related to diabetes that would separate self from an experience or that would distract self from working or doing an activity anger and resentment would built up within that one moment and throughout one's life anger and irritation and frustration would be the defining point of the relationship with self and diabetes, which is certainly not a cool way to live with the relationship to diabetes. This relationship towards diabetes can certainly develop through the point of reacting towards needing to stop work or to stop an activity, and for feeling weak during the activity and not being able to participate in the activity in the way that one would like to participate in the activity. Take for example when I was skateboarding - this is a sport that I enjoyed expressing myself within, there would be times when I would be enjoying it, doing well within it, and then comes on the low, I feel weak, and I need to stop myself from the experience of doing well within skateboarding to go correct the sugar level. So I would react to needing to stop myself, I would become angry and frustrated over feeling weak because the sugar level was dropping and not being able to participate in skateboarding the way I would like. I would then connect the anger and frustration to being a diabetic and create a relationship with diabetes revolving around the emotions that I was developing/creating, which then, over time, could've became the definition of the relationship between myself and diabetes

over the last year or so I have certainly noticed a change within myself as I am hypoglycemic. I am not as frustrated or angry at people around me and I do not react as much when someone asks me a question or as I am distracted from going to get food when I am low. I still react to needing to stop working in order to correct the sugar levels, because there are points of guilt that come up, and there are points of not being able to get things done on time, so I mean what I am saying within those moments is that I am not here to support the body unconditionally, that the support for the body within the relationship of diabetes is conditional based on what I want to do within a given moment, which is not a cool relationship to create with the body in relation to support within diabetes. So It is possible to stop the reactions and just stop myself within working, let whomever know that I need to leave for a second to go and support the body via eating something, and go and eat something unconditionally and without reaction - because in this one will be able to correct and change the relationship to the body/self within diabetes from conditional support where reactions come up - to unconditional support where, no matter what, self is here in support for the body

I will continue in the next post

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