Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 7 - Type 1 Diabetes and Environmental Stimulus

I spoke to my doctor's assistant a while ago when I was getting a check up and creating a new pattern of testing to find out when I am going low at work and how to adjust the insulin that I inject and I asked her about a pattern that I noticed regarding climate. I asked her what is the biological difference within the body regarding summer climates and winter climates because I have noticed for a while that during the hotter months of the year I do not need nearly as much insulin as I do in the winter months.

I noticed that pattern a few years ago but I had to wait years to prove or disprove the theory and it is clear that climate change does have an effect on diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis which is defined by internal processes that regulate balance when changes in the external environment occur. For example; the hypothalamus is an organ just under the brain that is responsible for much of the regulation signals that occur within the endocrine system. When it is cold outside and the body becomes cold as well the hypothalamus sends signals to the muscles to start moving rapidly (shivering) and for the hairs on the body to stand on end to trap in body heat. So through the change in the external environment (the cold) the endocrine system reacts to maintain homeostasis of body temperate. Blood glucose levels are involved in the same regulation processes.

When I asked the assistant why it was that there is such a noticeable change in insulin requirements through the winter months and summer months she said that it was due to activity. We are more active in the summer than in the winter but I didn't accept this as fact because within the winter I was still working which is a physical job and was getting/doing about the same amount of physical activity that I was doing in the winter months yet still needed a drastic change in the insulin I injected. Another example was a few weeks ago where the air here was cold and I/the body was cold as well. I had to wear a sweater indoors to keep myself at a comfortable temperature and during that I day I noticed that my body wasn't responding `normally` to the insulin I was injecting; it had less of an effect than it had days earlier and again, there was no change in my physical activity throughout those few days. During the day that I was cold the sun came out for a while and the sun was warm so I decided to sit in the sun. Right before I did that I was 6.3mmol/L and I sat in the sun for maybe 20 minutes. After 45 minutes from the first test I started to feel low so I tested and I was 2.6mmol/L so through sitting in the sun and changing the external environment the insulin sensitivity changed and became very effective. The reason this stuck out to me is because I have not experienced such a rapid drop in sugar levels over 45 minutes before.

It is not only about change in physical activity, it is about the changes in the environment as well and how the body must adapt to the changes in the environment to maintain homeostasis. There are a few scholarly articles regarding diabetes and the effects of vitamin D which we primarily get from the sun and how patients who had a deficiency in vitamin D had higher levels of blood sugar and a higher overall A1C.

It is clear here that changes in the external environment will have an effect on the body's ability to metabolize sugars through the production and effectiveness of insulin and without us considering the environment that we are raising our children within it seems that type 1 will continue to be a mystery as to how it is caused. One thing here though is that it is clear that the environment that we are raising our children within is not in harmony with the body because diseases being created through external environmental stimulus such as type 1 is an indication that what we are doing with ourselves in/as this life is not in harmony with life itself.

Without a proper understanding of how type 1 diabetes is being created and the effects of the environmental stimuli on the body, we will continue to create such diseases because we are not living in consideration and care for of/as the environments that we are living in and raising our children within. And without a proper understanding of ourselves within/as these diseases we are going to give misinformation to those affected by it which can cause harm

Having a look at these instances it is clear that the body responds to the external environment and when we are not caring or living within harmony to/as the environment the body is going to react accordingly which results in diseases such as type 1 diabetes. We are not living here with/as the Earth/the body and therefore it is responding accordingly through diseases within and without. So within this we can conclude that type 1 diabetes is a result of our actions on this planet and within our bodies, a result of a lack of care and consideration for the body/the Earth and the harmony/balance needed to maintain `homeostasis` which is optimal operating conditions within the systems of the body and Earth. We are a long way off from getting to that point of harmony as this disharmony is based on the harm that money creates therefore a new economic model is needed, such as the Living Income Grant, to give us the time to give effective care for life here within the body and Earth so that these diseases stop manifesting due to an imbalance.

In the next post I will look at the point of imbalance within the mind and walk points of Self forgiveness on the imbalance within my own mind and body.

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