Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 1 - Introduction to Myself within Diabetes

Hey all, In this blog I will be writing and sharing posts pertaining specifically to the processes that I am walking being a diabetic, processes in which I have allowed myself to sabotage and mistreat myself as life being a diabetic and the correction processes to value myself as life and remove the habits/patterns that I've accepted myself to live that has caused untold harm to myself being a diabetic. I will also be investigating points related to diabetes - solutions, cures, tools, effective support methods for diabetics that I myself have lived and/or realized/applied in my day to day living.

I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for just under 9 years now. They say that 10,000 hours of application in any form can make one a master of the form - that adds up to about 7 years of 40 hours of a week in application, and I can say that I am far from being a master of myself in diabetes. The blood glucose readings have a large variety of factors are of influence and effect and making those calculations each day and finding/understanding those factors can be quite difficult to calculate each time one injects insulin and thus mastery of diabetes means mastery of self, mastery of stress levels, mastery of exercise, mastery of timing, mastery of sleep patterns, mastery of unit to carb ratios, mastery of depression, mastery of emotions, mastery of feelings, mastery of desire for foods, mastery of biological functions, mastery of living as a pancreas, mastery of self control, haha, quite a lot to master with no? So I embark on this journey to life to give myself the BEST support for myself as life as a diabetic and share this here so that other diabetic can hear and share support for each other.

For those who are not diabetic, the information shared here can also be quite assisting and supportive in realizing how much the body in fact does for us to keep us alive, because through being a diabetic I've had to stand in for the body and act as the pancreas and make sure that who I am as the pancreas is in absolute support of the body such as the pancreas is/was when it is/was active and functioning properly...this is where the journey to life is - becoming, in absolution, support for the life of the body equal and one to the body itself, life itself, back to the point - through standing as the pancreas I have to live what the pancreas was when it was functioning properly so within the insights from living as such those who are not diabetic can see those insights for themselves as well  - so I invite all who read this to share this with others

The next few posts will be from my other blog ( where I've written a few posts regarding diabetes, but from here on I will be posting all diabetic related points here in this blog to keep them grouped while I walk other aspects of myself in which I do not value myself as life and walk the correction processes here within.

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